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ABOUT marc

Marc D. Wilson (D.Min., Northeastern Seminary) has 30 years of counseling and ministering experience. He is the founding member of S.A.L.T. Ministries in New Mexico where he serves people for their vocational discernment and spiritual formation through co-creative learning alliances that discover life’s purpose for well-being.

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S.A.L.T. is the Spiritual And Life Transformation that occurs when we discover our purpose and discern our vocation. This process of discovery comes by encouraging people to appreciate their God-given power with a positive perspective and empowering passion for an ideal future.

Marc serves as a partner in curious and cooperative learning alliances that appreciate the strengths, positive experiences, and purposeful meaning of a person or group. This discovery process entails listening and questioning that elicit personal awareness for action to progress toward well-being with contentment. 


Contentment includes satisfaction with eudaimonic happiness, which accounts for the positive elements of negative experiences for virtue formation and subjective well-being. Contentment is a state of being derived from our perspective of circumstances and life's purpose.


Reframing situations in our lives around personal strengths and life purpose creates a positive perspective that fuels an appreciative process of discovery towards flourishing. With a vision for an ideal future, co-creative learning alliances facilitate Spiritual And Life Transformation.

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