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Matthew 5:13

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot" (NIV).


The beatitudes in Matthew 5 reflect a "cruciform power" that is a manifestation of God's heavenly kingdom, which provides Christ's ambassadors with a needed perspective of life's circumstances to be "salt of the earth."

A careful reading of the creation narrative in Genesis reveals that there is no need to perceive a conflict between science and biblical revelation. For those interested in my Genesis Exegetical Summary with Historical Adam, request access to this document.

This beautiful and succinct passage reveals how, rather than struggling to survive, the gospel gives us hope to thrive. In this passage, we understand who the real enemy is that oppresses us (Ephesians 6:12), and it articulates the key gospel elements of creation, incarnation, and atonement that help define our life's purpose. For those interested in my exegetical summary of this passage, request access to this document.


When it comes to prayer, Matthew 26:39 is insightful on two levels. One, it shows Jesus lamenting, which demonstrates our Father's desire to dialogue with us and even hear our complaints and anxieties. Two, it demonstrates how our prayers can open up avenues for God to work toward kingdom good.


When we pray, we exercise our imaging authority within the divine council as co-rulers with Christ over the earth to bring about the Father's peaceful will from heaven. While prayer changes us from the inside out, it also has a kingdom influence on this world even if we don't see the change for which we pray. It is our dignified privilege to communicate with our Father. God wants us to be "vigorous dialogue partners" (J. Richard Middleton).

Vocational Discernment and Discovering Purpose in Education

The approach used for S.A.L.T. Ministries is useful for a comprehensive school counseling program that develops Leadership, engages Social and Emotional Learning, and supports Vocational Discernment based on students' purpose, powers, and passions. For those interested in my Context for Coaching within School Counseling, request access to this document

The Obstacles to Human Flourishing and Overcoming Them

What interferes with our human flourishing and subjective well-being? What perspective can the person and work of Jesus provide for understanding this? For those interested in a very brief articulation of key, and often confused, biblical concepts and how Christ liberates us from oppression, request access to this document

Practical Demonology and Deliverance in Coaching

Spiritual Coaching that involves a personal cosmic conflict directly with supernatural beings must include an Appreciative Approach to our God-given imaging power and worth, which is fulfilled for our flourishing when we passionately serve others with our strengths in a “power under, not over” manner. This approach overcomes the obstacles of sin, idolatry, and evil. For more information, request access to this document.

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