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For Marc’s Basic Application of Adrian van Kaam’s Formation Field, visit this article linked here.


For Marc’s General Approach to Spiritual Formation for Flourishing with related Definitions and Devotions to move from known truth to experienced reality, visit this document linked here.
Linked below are four resources for a general overview of how the spiritual disciplines can facilitate Christian spiritual formation.
  1. Conformed to His Image (Audio Lectures) by Kenneth Boa

  2. The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard

  3. Present Perfect: Finding God in the Now by Gregory A. Boyd

  4. Seeing is Believing by Gregory A. Boyd


If you want to learn more about the connections between coaching and Christian living, check out these linked resources below.


For interested participants in S.A.L.T. Ministries, this simple document can be accessed with permission for more specific Spiritual Formation Resources.
You may also request access to the below articles and materials derived from Marc’s dissertation “Appreciating What We’re Worth in a Devaluing World: An Appreciative Inquiry into the Imago Dei for Congregational Well-being."

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